FW1 Waterless Wash & Wax

Waterless car cleaning with lasting
protection. True magic!

A long time secret of racing professionals everywhere, FW1 Waterless Wash & Wax requires no water and has a unique combination of Cleaning Agents, Lubricants and Carnauba Wax.

Touchless Tyre Shine With TS2

TS2 Touchless Tire Shine

For glossy black tyres and trim
that will leave you realing!

A unique Formulation that creates a long-lasting, ultra-black glossy shine that will complement great looking wheels. Use on dry tires, and on other rubber surfaces such as bumpers, trim and mud flaps.

General Purpose Cleaner

GP3 General Purpose Cleaner

A winner at home and in your car,
it cleans just about anything!

Designed to penetrate and break up oil, grease, dirt and soil with minimum effort. It cleans steel, plastic, rubber, tile, chrome, baked enamel objects and glass as well. Every household will find daily uses for GP3.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner - CU4

CU4 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Cleans and deodorizes, removing even
the toughest stains!

The perfect companion for the Car and Home, CU4 interior treatment, deodorizes, removes stains, and protects upholstery, fabric, and carpeting - all without wasting time or water.

FW1 Accessories

FW1 Microfibre & Terry Cloths

The cloth that does the cleaning for you!

Be sure to get your hands on some of our Microfibre & Terry cleaning cloths to make the best use of all of our products & to ensure you get maximum shine on whatever you choose to use our products on.

How to use FW1 Waterless Wash & Wax

  1. Shake can vigorously for 5-10 seconds
  2. Spray on a light coat of FW1 cleaning wax on a small section of about 50cm squared. For those tight fit, difficult to reach spots, spray directly onto a terry cloth and then apply.
  3. Using a terry cloth gently rub FW1 Wash and Wax cleaning wax in a circular motion. Remember that unless you are removing serious marks, no vigorous rubbing is needed.
  4. Allow 10-20 sec to dry to a haze.
  5. Using a micro fibre cloth, lightly polish or buff for that award winning, showroom shine. Once again, don’t tire yourself. No excessive force or exertion required!

FW1 being demonstrated in a local shopping mall

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